What best men's wedding band for First Responders (Police, EMS, Fire)?

What best men's wedding band for First Responders (Police, EMS, Fire)?

March 05, 2019

What’s the best wedding band for First Responders (Police, EMS, Fire)?

As a First Responder you deal with an unbelievably complex and difficult job.

Your day could consist of:

  • Saving peoples lives - from heart attacks to car wrecks 
  • Protecting people and their property 
  • Enforcing laws and standards 

Each of those tasks consists of an unlimited number of scenarios that you have to consistently deal with. 

(First Responder motivation video)

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This requires a wedding band that fits these requirements:

  • Durable - Your wedding band needs to be durable has hell to survive on your hand every day. 
  • Comfortable - You have to have a ring that feels good on your hand. 
  • Look good - It still needs to look nice - keep its color and never go out of style.
  • Guarantee - The type of work you do will wear many rings out - you should want a guarantee for if that happens so you’re covered.
  • Reasonable price - First Responders aren’t rich - they work for a living - and aren’t going to overpay for a wedding band.  

What options are out there that fill all those needs?

At Simple-Bands we suggest two different options.

  • A simple Titanium wedding band
  • A simple Titanium wedding band and a silicone work ring

A Titanium ring is a perfect option to fulfill all of your needs as First Responder. 

Here are a few videos describing 2 of our 18 Titanium rings that we carry. 

(Black domed product video)

(Gold Beveled Product Video)

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It’s probably the only metal that perfectly nails all of your daily requirements.

A Titanium ring:

  • Durable - Titanium is one of the strongest metals on the planet - NASA and the military use it when it needs an extremely strong metal.
  • Comfortable - Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio on the planet - it’s so light you’ll barely feel that it’s there - then if you get a simple cut it shouldn’t rub on you at all and will quickly become part of your finger.
  • Look good - Titanium can be coated in any color and make it look as gorgeous as any gold, rose or silver ring - with a simple cut then you’ll have a ring that will be in-style forever.
  • Guarantee - At Simple-bands we have a lifetime guarantee - and a 50% off lose guarantee for a replacement if you lose yours.
  • Reasonable price - Titanium is a semi-precious metals so they are very reasonably priced from $250 down to $100 depending on the quality of the Titanium and design of the ring - compared to gold or platinum which is 4 or 5 times more expensive but much less durable and light.

Another option that we really like is a silicone ring for a First Responder.

A silicone ring:

  • Durable - Silicone isn’t going to be as durable as a metal ring but they are so cheap that it probably doesn’t even matter.
  • Comfortable - They are super light and flexible so they won’t pinch or get caught on things.
  • Look good - This is where a silicone ring will fall short - on your wedding day it just won’t be the same to put a dull ring on your hand - it also won’t look as good if you go out to a nice event with your life.
  • Guarantee - Most have lifetime guarantee.
  • Reasonable price - Silicone rings are super cheap - around $30 - $50 - very easy to replace.

A couple of silicone brands that we like:

Enso rings and Groove Life 


Maybe do both!

With both being so reasonably priced we think it’s a great option to do both.

It’s nice to have a silicone ring to beat up and not have to worry about at all, while also having a gorgeous Titanium ring that looks amazing on your wedding day and on other occasions.

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You could be out the door at no more than $250 and be covered for life.