How to get your [RING SIZE] to buy online

How to get your [RING SIZE] to buy online

February 01, 2019

If you're going to buy a ring online we may not initially know your ring size.

This is going to quickly become a problem after you want to purchase a simple wedding band from

3 ways to get your ring size before shopping line:

Here are 3 options:

  1. Go to a large convenience store's (Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, etc.) jewelry section and have them measure it. 
  2. Measure it your self with a string or piece of paper.
  3. Measure the inside width (diameter) of a ring that you have the fits the finger that you want (need a ring that already fits that finger)

Options 1: Have it measured at a convenience store

This is our favoriate option because it is a available to almost everyone and it will be the most accurate. 

The best way to measure your ring size is with a ring sizing tool. 

(Below is ring sizing tool)

Ring Sizer


Every jewelry store or convenience store that sells jewelry will have one. 

You could also purchase one on Amazon but that seems like a waste of money to us. 

When you're at the convenience store follow these steps:

  1. Go to the jewelry store and find the closest attendant (hopefully there is one behind the jewelry counter).
  2. Ask them for their 'ring sizing tool' (they should pull out something similar to the picture above). 
  3. Start sliding the ring gauges onto the finger you want to have sized. 
  4. Once you find one that fits snuggly recored the number - that is your ring size that you will use to order online 

(Here is a video that shows the measuring process with the sizer)

Each gauge should be numbered and that'll be your ring size. Don't forget it. It should be a number between 3 - 15 depending on how large your finger is.  

That's it, just go to the store and use their tool to get your ring size. Then take it back to your computer to happily purchase your ring from

Options 2: Measure it your self with a string or piece of paper

An alternate option is to measure your finger using a string or cut piece of paper. 
This isn't our favorite option because it leaves room for plenty of human error. 
Below is a great infographic that is walks through the process of how to measure your finger. That is followed by two YouTube videos which also demonstrate it very well.  
(Great infographic from
Ring Size Infographic


Option 3: Measure the inside width (diameter) of a ring that you have the fits the finger that you want. 

The above two options assume that you don't have a ring that you wear that fits your finger. If you do have a ring that fits the finger, and don't know the size, you can measure that ring to find the size. 

The below infographic walks you through the steps to measure a ring for it's size. 

(Another great infographic from

Ring measure guide


The first part of the video below walks through the same process. 

 (This video isn't great but the first part is the only video we could find that shows the ring measuring process)

If you have a ring that already fits you should have no trouble finding what ring size to buy. 


You don't want to purchase a ring online and have it be the wrong size that will be very disappointing. 

To wrap this all up, we gave you 3 different options to find out what ring size you are before shopping online for a ring. 

We highly recommend stopping in a store and have it measured with a gauge but if you'd like to DIY then measuring with a string or piece of paper will work as well. 

Thanks for reading.  

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