What are the styles of a men's wedding band?

What are the styles of a men's wedding band?

July 29, 2018

There are really 4 factors that you need to consider in the look of your wedding band. 

  • Width of the ring - Generally 2mm to 10mm
  • Type of edge - Domed, flat or some type of bevel 
  • Inlay - Width and type of the inlay
  • Setting - Do you want a center piece such as a diamond or coin
  • Metal - What metal do you want

Now we'll go into some details about each. 


The width of the ring is really the first thing you need to nail down. 

A rings width is measured using the metric system in millimeters. 

(Here is a decent picture from pinterest.com)

Ring comparison


For a men's ring the most common ring widths are 6mm and 8mm. Those two widths will be the right width for most guys. 

With 6mm being for someone who wants a more standard width and 8mm if you want a wider ring. 

If you want to go further into the extremes a 4mm or 10mm will push your ring into thin or very wide territory. 

Type of Ring Edge

Your next decision point will be what type of edge do you want on your ring. You can pretty much generalize all of the edges into domed or beveled. 

There are a few different types of each though. 

Here is a good illustration of all the different types of flat and domed edges.

Types of edges

(picture from, weddingplanner.com)



From our experience court and comfort are the two most popular for men's wedding bands. 

It mostly just depends on what look you want to have in your wedding band. 


A beveled style is one that the edge is going to have a more sloping edge. 

A beveled ring is going to have just as much variety as the dome and flat. 

(Here are some images of ringed with beveled edgedes)

Beveled edge ring

Beveled edge ring


Those are two very common types of beveled edges, but there are many other. 

A beveled edge is a look that has been around a long time and will never go out of style. 


The inlay of a ring is a decorative inset that goes around the middle of the ring.

(Below is a picture of a wood inlay) 

Ring inlay

An inlay is purely for looks. It can come in almost any color, material or width. 


The choice will be do you want that look for your ring? 

They definitely can make your ring standout. At Simple Bands we prefer classic simple bands that never go out of style. 


A ring setting means that it is a singular focal point such a a diamond or coin.

Ring Setting

Coin setting

This definitely gives you a very specific look.

The things to consider with a setting is that it will make your ring much larger and can ad a lot of cost to the ring depending on what the setting is. 

As with everything else it comes down to your preference. 


The metal that you purchase for your wedding band is very important. It will determine what type of overall experience you have with the ring. 

We have an entire blog post detailing out what metals you should consider:

What metal is best for a men's wedding band?

To summarize that post:

Metal comparison

 (image from pinterest.com)

Titanium is our favorite metal. It's very durable, super light and comes in many different styles. 

If you want the platinum color that metal is hard to beat. It's very expensive though.

Gold is beautiful but very soft. It will generally start to lose shape after wearing it for a long time. 

Tungsten is similar to Titanium but more durable but also very heavy. How heavy it is makes us prefer Titanium over Tungsten. 

Silver and Stainless Steel are both nice metals but don't have an exceptional qualities. 


When you are purchasing your ring put some thought into these four factors width, edge style, inlay, setting and the metal. 

Once you have an idea what you like for each you'll have your wedding band narrowed down. This will make your search much less painful. 

Please, consider purchasing your wedding band from us at Simple-Bands.com. 

Thanks for reading and CONGRATULATIONS!