A titanium ring won't be

• If you WORKOUT or WORK with your hands and your finger is at risk of being INJURED
• Also a metal ring will eventually become scratched and worn
• We've come up with a FREE solution
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Available Colors :

the wedding band

  • Premium titanium
  • Wedding day
  • Dressing up
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Available Colors :


  • High quality silicone
  • Working with your hands
  • Working out
  • Lifetime Guarantee

2 Rings the Solution To
Your Problems

What will this combo give you?

  • Titanium ring 
  • Gorgeous shine
    A titanium ring looks as good as any precious metal such as gold or platinum. It’s perfect to make your wedding day and photographs standout.
  • Color Choices
    Unlike many metals titanium can be plated allowing it to come in many different colors such as matte / shiny black, gold, gray (it’s original color), rose gold, etc.
  • Durability
    Titanium renowned strength to weight ratio also makes it extremely durable. It will not will never lose its shape such as wearing down or bending.
  • Lightweight
    Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on the planet. It’s used by NASA in all of it’s space crafts because of that fact. This makes it an amazing light and easy to wear wedding band.
  • Timeless Styles
    A titanium ring can come the most timeless staples: domed or beveled. These match the personality of the simple humble hard working American man who doesn’t want to wear a flashy gaudy ring.
  • *FREE* Silicone ring
  • Flexibility
    It’s flexibility makes it extremely safe and will prevent your finger from being degloved. This also makes it very comfortable to wear while working or working out.
  • Durability
    A silicone ring will not scratch, wear down or permanently bend. This allows you to not worry about it no matter what activity you’re doing. It puts your mind at ease.
  • Matte finish
    A silicone ring comes with a matte finish giving a very relaxed and modern look. Makes the ring perfect for your casual everyday environment.
  • Color Choices
    A silicone ring comes in almost any color. Some of our favorite light / dark gray, black, gold, camo, copper. This allows you to have a totally different color or the same from your Titanium ring.
  • Timeless Styles
    A silicone ring also comes in the timeless styles of domed or beveled (we call 'edged'). This again will allow you to have a similar style of different style compared to your Titanium ring.

our competition

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•  Titanium Ring for $156

•  Silicone Ring for $30

•  NO free hip flask 

•  NO lifetime guarantee 

•  NOT veteran owned 

the perfect band promise

• Aren't happy?  - 100% money back 

• Damage your Titanium ring  - we'll send you a brand new one 

• Lose your ring - email us we'll give you 60% off a new one

• Silicone ring breaks - we'll give you another free 

• Just pay shipping and we're good

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