destroy your finger!
ruin your ring!

• If you WORKOUT or WORK with your hands and your finger is at risk of being INJURED
• Also a metal ring will eventually become scratched and worn
• We've come up with a FREE solution
• Keep scrolling to find out how...

our solution = 2 rings


Available Colors :

-- $149 --


Available Colors :

-- FREE --

2 Rings the Solution To
Your Problems

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What will this combo give you?

    Titanium ring
  • Gorgeous shine
    A titanium ring is perfect for your wedding day. Better looking that gold!
  • Color Choices
    Chose the color you want! Matte / shiny black, gold, gray or rose gold
  • Durability
    NASA uses it for everything! Enough said
  • Lightweight
    Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on the planet!
  • Timeless Styles
    Domed or Beveled, don't look like an idiot with some gaudy flashy ring.
    *FREE* Silicone ring
  • Flexibility
    It's soft so your finger won't get destroyed while you work or workout
  • Durability
    It's durable and cheap so don't have to worry about ruining it
  • Matte finish
    Badass matte color finish
  • Color Choices
    Cool color choices: light / dark gray, black, gold, camo or copper
  • Timeless Styles
    You're not a Mob Boss wear a timeless style: domed or beveled

our competition can't compete!

their offer f'ing sucks

Competition vs Simple Bands

•   Titanium Ring for $156, Simple Bands: $149

•  Silicone Ring for $30, Simple Bands = FREE

•  NO free hip flask, Simple Bands = FREE

•  NO lifetime guarantee, Simple Bands = Insane Gaurantee

•  NOT veteran owned, Simple Bands = owned by a combat vet 

we won't let you down

• Aren't happy?  - 100% money back 

• Damage your Titanium ring  - we'll send you a brand new one 

• Lose your ring - email us we'll give you 60% off a new one

• Silicone ring breaks - we'll give you another free 

• Just pay shipping and we're good

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We're owned by a combat veteran and donate to support them...


A portion of all of our profits goes to the Gary Sinise Foundation to help veterans and first responders.

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