Gray Domed - 8MM
Gray Domed - 8MMGray Domed - 8MMGray Domed - 8MMGray Domed - 8MMGray Domed - 8MM
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"The CELebration band" - A titanium wedding band

Premium ring: Military grade rose gold plated Titanium ring with a gorgeous simple style. 

Box: You'll get a beautiful simple black ring box. 

Lifetime guarantee: If it's damaged or worn send it back and we'll send you a brand new one. 

Free shipping: All orders have totally free shipping. 

50% off loss guarantee: If you lose your ring, let us know, we'll give you 50% off a replacement.  

Watch this video! 

It's the product video for The Celebration Band, our Titanium Ring 

It will answer: 

- Why did we choose a titanium ring for our bundle?

- What makes titanium so versatile? 

- What are the strengths and weaknesses of a titanium ring?

What's so good about a titanium ring?

1) Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on the planet: 1/4 the weight of gold, platinum and Tungsten. 

2) Even with its light weight is extremely strong; used by NASA to build many of its space shuttle and space suit components. 

3) It's able to be coated to give you various colors such as black, gold and rose gold. 

Who is and why should I buy from you?

1) We're a veteran owned men's wedding band company 

2) A portion of all of our profits are donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation (Gary Sinise is Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump)

3) The Gary Sinise foundation helps first responders and veterans in so many ways.

4) Our mission is to grow our company and help veterans. 

5) We specialize in a wedding band bundle to provide as much value as possible to our customer (learn more below)

Learn about our 'Wedding Band Bundle' 

What do you get? 

1) Get this Titanium Ring

2) A Silicone ring 

3) A FREE hip flask 

4) Two FREE e-Books 

FOR $99! It's well over $200 in value. 


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Rose Domed - 8MM
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